Costa Rei

Costa Rei

Costa Rei, located in the south-eastern coast of Sardinia, is a maritime village of Muravera.

It is mostly populated during the summer in fact it is a destination for many tourists.

It is famous for its crystal clear beaches with fine sand and crystal clear sea. The beach is also famous for the Scoglio di Peppino, in Santa Giusta, a low and wide rock visited by tourists during the year. On the horizon you can see the island of Serpentara.

The town is for about 10 km from Porto Pirastu to Calasinzias. The urban area is divided into: Sa Perda Niedda, Sa Murta (centro), Le Ginestre, Gli Asfodeli, I Ginepri (sud), Turagri, Rei Marina e Rei Plaia (nord).

You can visit the “home of the Countess”, although it is not easily. It is the oldest house that dominates the coast, here you can admire a wonderful view. The house of the Countess has been abandoned and it is interest of many legends.

Every evening in the summer, the three main square (Piazza Marina Rei, Italy Piazza, Piazza Sardegna) are alive for tourists.